Look, no beating around the bush: at FemiFitness, we put in work! Our faithful regulars know this, that is why they have a love-hate relationship with us. FemiFitness classes are strategically and specifically designed to test your limits and push your boundaries. The truth is our classes range from tough, tougher to tough-infinity! But don’t let that scare you. We are there with you all the way.

Be honest with yourself: you’re looking to take a class because you want someone to push you beyond what you would ordinarily do on your own. You want that drive, that push, that motivation! You know there’s a champion lying in you somewhere and you just need help letting him/her out. Well, that’s why we are here.

FemiFitness is not a job, it’s a passion! You hear that? P-A-S-S-I-O-N! Let us help you discover the Champion within and help you realize your full potential. You will sweat, you may even let out a few unsavory words at times, but if you’re serious about goals and gains, we’ll get you there! It’s just that simple. It’s all about dem gains… all about dem gains!

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