Countdown to Our First Anniversary…

05 Sep

As we count down to our First Anniversary celebration in just about 3 days, it’s amazing to think it’s been a year already. One whole year! Wow!

Looking back at how the year went lends credence to the power of sheer will and determination. We had plenty of opportunities to hang up the towel and give up, but we kept pushing. So this is not just an anniversary, it’s a testimony.

Resilience births greatness. Many didn’t think we would make it. We never doubted we would. Support was scant, but the core group remained strong and steadfast, unshaken by the unsteady numbers.

Even when we had nothing but our bodies to work with, we pushed body weight exercises to the limit and broke every single record we had with equipment up till that point. We made it happen in ways that seemed inexplicable. We reported record numbers in our calorie-tracking – higher by far than what we ever reported in previous years (working with equipment) and in any other class.

So yes, this is a celebration of what can be when the spirit refuses to be broken. We are here, we are standing tall and we are besting our best. We are FemiFitness!

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