FemiFitness is the brainchild of Femi, a Master Trainer and highly-celebrated International Fitness Coach. Birthed out of a desire to directly connect passion with need, without the insensate interference of the middle enterprise, FemiFitness is the culmination of decades of exceptional work in the Health and Fitness industry, both as a practitioner and as a thought leader.

At FemiFitness, we believe:

  • In the intrinsic greatness resident at the core of every person
  • That fitness is a lifestyle that should be enjoyed, not endured
  • That when given the right tools and support, everyone can ‘best their best’
  • That everyone can do better when exposed to passionate, caring coaching
  • In the power of relationships in keeping us accountable, motivated and committed
  • That fitness ingenuity is not just in creating a tough program, but in being able to successfully steer participants through the program

Understanding that the critical element to sustainable fitness growth is motivation, Femi draws from his backgrounds in Medicine, Entertainment, Banking, Fitness, Theology and the Military to craft and deliver unique and amazing fitness programs that break all established molds. His unwavering focus on relationships is one of the most formidable cornerstones of his success. He believes in the power of the many moving as one, yet with each person staying distinguishable as they are led to work through their strengths and weaknesses. This philosophy is the driving force behind FemiFitness – running group fitness classes that are more personal than one-on-one training.

At FemiFitness, our goal is to push you, make you work, stretch your limits and redefine your boundaries, all while staying safe and having fun with it.

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